4 Awesome Gift Ideas for Car Lovers, Suggested by Our Apex Garage Contractor

4 Awesome Gift Ideas for Car Lovers, Suggested by Our Apex Garage Contractor

Like any hardcore fans, “car people” almost have their own language. And if you do not speak that language, buying a gift for them can become tricky. If this describes your current situation, don’t worry—All American Overhead Garage has you covered. Keep reading for great gift ideas that will delight the car lover in your life. 

Magnetic Wrist Band 

If your loved one has a habit of setting down nails, screws, and other vital metal bits for a couple seconds, then somehow losing them forever, this super-strong magnetic wrist band will be the best thing they’ve ever owned. Washers, screws, anything metal can be stuck on the wrist band while the user is working, for easy, loss-proof access. 

A Rolling Creeper Seat 

This is one of those simple things that doesn’t cost much, but can make a tremendous difference to the working man or woman in your life. Instead of crouching, kneeling, and bending down to access a wheel or low-to-the-ground part, the user can rest on the seat and roll from tire to tire (or place to place) without harming their back, neck or knees. Most models even have small storage compartments between the lower wheels, so they can bring your tools with them.  

No More Stray Glue Spots 

One of the most irritating things for home woodworkers is when drops of glue spill all over, to either be forgotten about, and smeared everywhere, or forgotten about, and left to dry onto the work table forever. The Rockler Silicone Project Mat changes all that. Instead of pooling and getting smeared all over, excess glue drains into the little grooves on the mat. When it dries, it just peels right off. As an added bonus, the silicone is also a handy, soft way to grip a board or project in place while it’s being sanded or finished. 

A Practical Clamping Shop Power Strip

This clever power strip can be clamped on to any vertical surface, including studs, rafters, sawhorses, or ladders. It’s great for providing power wherever the owner needs it, while keeping extension cord connections up off the ground. Instead of heading back and forth to the wall outlet or power strip to unplug or re-plug something, the user can just switch it over right where they’re working!  

Happy Holidays From Our Cary Garage Door Company! 

We hope this article has given you a few great ideas for your favorite handyman or handy-woman. From all of us at All American Overhead Garage Door, Merry Christmas and happy holidays! And if you need any Cary garage door repair or garage door installation this year, please don’t hesitate to give us a call

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