Learn the Benefits of A Single Layer Steel Garage Door From Our Cary Garage Door Installer

Learn the Benefits of A Single Layer Steel Garage Door From Our Cary Garage Door Installer

If you are considering a new garage door installation, you may be wondering which type of steel garage door you should get—single layer, double layer, or triple layer. All three options have various advantages and disadvantages, depending on what your needs are in terms of safety, insulation, and durability. While we typically discourage our clients from single layer doors, there are several instances in which this garage door type is the best choice. Read more about the benefits of a single layer garage door below.


One of the most convenient things about single pan steel garage doors is that they’re relatively lightweight compared to double and triple layer garage doors. Less weight means there will be less stress placed on the torsion springs, and less mechanical and physical force required to move the door up and down. Therefore, if you do not wish to have an electric garage door opener, a single layer garage door will be the easiest to lift manually. Single layer garage doors also make less impact when they hit the ground, so if the garage door opening system fails, it will cause less damage to the underlying concrete and will probably not trap you in the garage. (Be aware, however, that as these “light” doors still weigh around 130 lbs, they are still dangerous and should receive regular garage door maintenance to ensure safety.)

Durable Surface

Although a single layer steel garage door is not as strong as double and triple layer alternatives, it is still made of steel, and still has a decent amount of durability when compared to other materials. Wooden garage doors, vinyl garage doors, and even aluminum garage doors can buckle under harsh conditions and weather, but steel will generally hold its shape and surface quality, even thin steel. Even in areas that see weeks on end of heavy downpour and harsh snow and hail storms, steel is the most resilient material for a garage door surface.

Cost Effective

Maintaining a home is expensive, and there may be other features which you would like to build, repair, or renovate besides your garage door. If you would like to allocate your garage door budget to other areas, then a single layer steel door will cost the least and save you the most. However, like most cheap mechanical things, be aware that it is only an initial lower cost, and a higher accumulative cost. The thinness of the material will likely mean more dents, dings, and scratches over the years, and will require more garage door repairs. The lack of insulation will also increase your utility costs in the long-term and make it harder to heat and cool your home. Therefore, we recommend installing a single panel door as a temporary cost-saving measure, to be eventually replaced with a safer, stronger model.

Shopping for New Garage Doors in Cary?

Whether you would like a single layer, double layer, or triple layer steel garage door, All American Overhead Garage Door can help. We offer a wide range of wooden, vinyl and aluminum garage doors in a variety of sizes, textures, and finishes. If you need new garage doors in Cary NC, just give us a call.

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