How to Keep Your Pipes from Freezing This Winter, from Our Apex Garage Door Contractor

How to Keep Your Pipes from Freezing This Winter, from Our Apex Garage Door Contractor

Freezing temperatures don’t occur often in here in Apex, but they do occur—and perhaps that very same scarcity is what makes them so costly to our warmth-accustomed residents. When pipes burst during unexpectedly frigid weather, the resulting water damage can easily cost thousands. Below are some easy, inexpensive ways to keep your water running and your house dry this winter.

Keep Your Garage Doors Closed

The areas which are most at risk for bursting pipes are those which are unheated. For most homes, this means the basement and the garage. Keeping your garage door closed during the winter will go a long way to preventing frozen pipes, and will also help lower your utility bills by keeping heat inside. You may want to consider asking a garage door company to help you install a heated garage floor or similar solution.

On Extra-Cold Nights, Let the Water Run

Water that’s in motion is less likely to freeze solid. On nights which fall below 20 degrees, it is probably a good idea to let cold water drip continuously from the faucets. The cost of the “wasted” water will be nothing compared to the cost of a repair should the pipes burst. If you really don’t want to waste perfectly good water, you save it by running it into rain barrels. (These will also be a useful back-up water source if the pipes do freeze.)

 Always Keep the Heat On

Heating can get expensive during the winter, but it’s important to bite the bullet and keep it running. It doesn’t have to be set at room temperature—at least 55 degrees is enough to keep the pipes warm. You should also keep the heat on when you leave for a weekend or a holiday vacation. The money you spend on heat is worth it compared to the huge expense of repairing your pipes.

Don’t Forget About the Yard

Sprinklers, hoses, outdoor faucet nibs, and swimming pools can all be damaged if they still contain water when the temperature drops below freezing. You can protect them from damage by making sure they are fully drained of water, and bringing hoses and sprinklers inside. Cover your outdoor faucet nibs; covers can be purchased at your local hardware store, or, in a pinch, socks and a plastic baggie will do just fine.  

Call All American Garage Door Company in Apex NC

If you need help insulating or heating your garage door before cold weather hits, call All American Overhead Garage Door! Our friendly garage door installers in Apex are ready to provide all the inspections, repairs, and maintenance you need to keep your garage safe and secure this season. To schedule a free estimate, click here.

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