Just How Dangerous is a Broken Garage Door? Ask our Apex Garage Contractor

Just How Dangerous is a Broken Garage Door? Ask our Apex Garage Contractor

A broken garage door isn’t just irritating—it’s also a huge safety hazard. According the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 20,000 garage door accidents occur every year, the majority of them involving children. These heavy objects can cause serious damage when they fall on people or property, so it’s important to keep them well-maintained and periodically inspected for safety. Below is more information from our Apex garage door installer.

How Torsion Springs Bear Weight and Strain

Depending on its thickness, size (single or double), and amount of windows, a garage door can weigh anywhere from 130 to 400 pounds. All of this weight is held, lifted and lowered by the system’s torsion springs. Every time your garage door is up, the springs are suspending it there. If the springs were to give out due to age or disrepair, the door would slam down and harm anyone or anything standing in the way (including the concrete floor of the garage.) And, due to the heavy weight and constant tension, all garage door springs will lose their strength and effectiveness over time.

The Risks of Torsion Spring Repair

Although most garage door accidents happen due to the falling door scenario described above, these accidents are usually not life-threatening. The most serious garage door injuries occur to people installing, repairing, or replacing them. This is because the garage door torsion springs are extremely powerful pieces of metal. If you forget to loosen the old springs before installing the new ones, they can whip your tools out of your hands and cause extreme injury.

Another common issue is caused when homeowners try to adjust the springs with screw driver shafts that aren’t deep enough, which can cause the springs (and tools) to break and go flying like high-powered darts. Again, the injuries caused in this situation can be severe and even life-threatening.

Stay Safe with All American Overhead Garage Door

Staying safe around garage doors is simple: firstly, do not attempt any repairs or installations yourself. Only an experienced garage door repair contractor has the skills, experience, and tools necessary to safely perform a repair.

Secondly, be proactive by scheduling an annual garage door inspection and maintenance appointment. Your garage door contractor will be able to perform tune-ups and ensure the door is safe and functional for the year to come. This inexpensive, routine procedure is oft-forgotten and could prevent the vast majority of garage door accidents!  

Finally, if you are concerned about the garage door falling, a steel safety cable can be installed through the spring, which will keep it in place even if it breaks. They are about $20, a great investment for the peace of mind they can bring.

Finally, never ignore a squeaky, creaky, or nonfunctioning garage door! Replacing worn-out springs is much less expensive than replacing a busted door, ruined car, or cracked garage floor. If you need a garage door repair, replacement, or installation, call our Apex garage door repair company as soon as possible.

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