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Repair Damaged Garage Doors After Accidental Run-Ins

Have you ever required garage door repair on short notice following an accidental run-in? A police accident report indicating “driver ran car into garage” cannot possibly express the dismay a property owner feels contemplating emergency repair services in this situation! If you find yourself in need of expert repair services in North Carolina after a vehicle damages your garage door without warning, we offer knowledgeable, rapid assistance!

Assessing Damage and Providing Repair Services

If you’ve experienced this type of accident, just remain calm. Using a checklist may help you remember several important steps. It may help ensure you don’t forget some important points:
• After the accident, contact emergency medical assistance, if required;
• Request police assistance if necessary;
• Contact your insurance company;
• Call skilled garage door repairers to evaluate the condition of your damaged garage door;
• Don’t allow children or pet to play near the accident site (the garage door may have become unstable and it might fall);
• Sweep up glass and other debris from the driveway cautiously.

Obtain a New Garage Door Quickly

When you contact us after a “driver ran car into garage” incident, we’ll help evaluate the condition of your garage door. If only minor damage occurred, we can supply expert garage door repair services. For example, we may replace a damaged section of the door.

Unfortunately, in many situations a vehicle running into a garage door causes far more extensive damage. In fact, it may become necessary to install a new garage door after one of these types of accidents. (We can offer fast assistance in this situation, too!)

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To obtain fast, expert garage door assistance after this type of accident, contact our company in North Carolina. We offer swift, reliable service. We’ll respond quickly to your request!

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