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The problem with a broken garage door opener is that you cannot raise or lower the garage door until you receive garage door opener repair service from a skilled professional. If you know how to disconnect the garage door from the opener’s mechanism, you can manually operate the garage door. However, this is truly inconvenient, and you may be eager to find someone to fix my garage door opener. Regardless of whether you need help to fix my garage door motor or to fix other aspects of the opener, we are the reputable garage door service provider to reach out to for all repair, replacement and maintenance needs.

Why Your Garage Door Opener Is Not Working

There are many possible causes of a broken garage door opener. For example, you may need to fix my garage door motor if the motor has burned out. A common reason for a damaged motor is if the motor is not powerful enough for the weight of the door. There are also instances when you think you need someone to fix my garage door opener, but the opener is not actually the problem. In order for the opener to work, the garage door must be functional. When we inspect the garage door opener and the door itself, we will determine if the opener or the door are the problem.

How We Can Help

Through a thorough inspection of the garage door and its opener, we will determine the best steps to take to remedy the situation. In some cases, garage door opener repair work is feasible, but there may also be a need to replace a broken opener. If the issue is related to the garage door, we can also complete this type of repair work quickly. Our team travels with a well-stocked vehicle that is loaded with common tools and parts needed to fix many types of garage and opener issues. When you need help with a broken opener or a damaged garage, contact our office directly for an appointment.

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