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Garage doors fail. Sometimes they fail for a mechanical reason, and sometimes it could be a minor issue like a dead battery causing the problem. New keypads may not always be necessary if the garage door doesn’t open. Getting a technician to troubleshoot the problem is usually the best possible course of action.

Common Reasons Why Keypads Fail

The photo eye could be blocked. This could mean that the garage door keypad repair issue may be nonexistent. If the two sensors aren’t aligned properly due to the beams not lining up properly, you will have an issue opening the door. You can check the beams yourself to verify that that isn’t the problem. The issue could be that the remote is temporarily out of range. If the remote is out of range, then the remote can’t properly communicate with the remote sensor. The greater the distance, the more likely the frequency will be disturbed. The remote batteries can be old. You’d be surprised how often we hear, “I only had to replace the battery to fix my garage door keypad.” Something as simple as a battery can cause the problem. If after swapping out the batteries you don’t see a change, then you need to schedule a garage door keypad repair appointment. Majority of the keypad repair problems don’t require new keypads, but occasionally the keypad needs to be replaced. It is rare that the garage door or the system needs to be replaced altogether.

About Your Keypad

“Before attempting to fix my garage door keypad, I probably should learn how to make it work …” The keypad is set initially by the manufacturer. They are especially designed to minimize chances of radio interference. You need to remember that the coding sequences are unique to that specific garage door system. Once the programming is set on your garage door, it becomes resistant to any interference or attempts to make changes.

When scheduling the appointment to resolve the fix my garage door keypad problem, you can expect for it to be resolved within an hour. You want to avoid tampering with the keypad too much when you experience minor changes in the performance to avoid damaging it unnecessarily. Most technicians can complete the diagnostic, testing and repair at the same time.

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