Should I Repair or Replace My Garage Door?

Should I Repair or Replace My Garage Door?

How to tell if it’s time to move on from your old garage door.

With garage door issues, it’s good to know whether to repair or replace. Here are some tips that can help you decide which option is most cost-effective.

Old Age

If your garage door has been treated well, it should be replaced after about 30 years, and the automatic garage door opener should be replaced after about 10-12 years. If your garage door has sustained rough treatment, it may need replacement sooner.


If your garage door is performing adequately but has suffered dents, chips, scratches, dings and other cosmetic insults, a few coats of paint can give it new life. It’s a job that you can do yourself, and all you’ll pay for is the paint. However, if style is an issue, garage door replacement is the only fix.

Security Issues

A garage door in poor repair is an open invitation for pests and thieves. Replacing a damaged door will not only make your home more appealing, but it will also create a strong deterrent against any type of home invasion, whether it be by humans, rodents, insects, raccoons or other unwanted intruders.

Obvious Damage

With obvious damage, always choose garage door replacement. A damaged door can adversely affect your home’s structural integrity while creating security and safety concerns. If the damage is not severe, you may be able to replace just one section, but if it’s an older door, total replacement would be recommended:

  • Missing, misaligned or loose sections or panels
  • Rotted or splintered wood sections or panels
  • Misshapen, deformed or dented sections that prevent the garage door from fitting properly into its frame
  • Issues that prevent the door from hugging the ground
  • Missing screws, rollers and hinges

Property Value

Are you planning to sell your home within a few years? If so, a new garage door can be a selling point. Garage door replacement can also include curbside appeal, especially if you update the style and color. When you upgrade your garage door you can also upgrade other features of your garage door system like adding Safety Eye sensors to increase both safety and property value.

Excessive Vibrations and Noise

Smooth motion and quiet operation indicate how well a garage door moves within its frame. Excessive vibrations and noisy operation are usually caused by the following issues and can sometimes be repaired:

  • Uneven tension on either side of the door
  • Insufficient lubrication of hinges and rollers
  • Worn-out bearings
  • Worn Rollers
  • Rollers that have jumped their tracks
  • Damaged hinges that create instability in the door’s movement
  • Damaged springs or cables on one or both sides

Most of these problems can be fixed by rebuilding the door with new parts and do not require a full replacement.

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