Selling Your House in Apex? Increase Its Value with These High-ROI Upgrades

Selling Your House in Apex? Increase Its Value with These High-ROI Upgrades

If you’re trying to sell a house in Raleigh, Cary, or Apex, you’ve got some stiff competition. True, more and more professionals are flocking here to put down roots; but the booming real estate market means there are plenty of options for them to choose from. Not to worry: the following home upgrades, while not cheap, are tried-and-true ways to raise your home value and make your money back.

Open Up the Floor Plan

Open kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms allow for more natural light, which is always inviting, and create a more spacious feeling without actually increasing the square footage. While you may not be able to afford an addition, you may be able to create the illusion of more space by knocking down a wall or two. With that said, too much space in a home can make buyers feel confused and overwhelmed, so you may want to consult with a contractor or interior designer before picking up a sledgehammer.

Turn Your Shower Into a Walk-In

Walk-in showers are large, open showers which have no curb or tub to step over in order to enter. Typically surrounded by glass with very little frame, walk-in showers are a low-cost way to make a bathroom more spacious and inviting. They’re also very accessible for disabled or elderly people—a win-win all around.

Replace Your Garage Door

As long as you reuse your existing garage door opener, a new garage door typically pays for itself. Studies have shown that replacing an old, battered garage door with an upscale model generally boosts your home’s value by 98% of the installation cost. In other words, a $3,500 garage door would only set you back about $60 once your home goes on the market. This is remarkable when you consider that projects in the $100,000 range, such as major kitchen renovations, typically recoup half or less of what they cost.

Install or Refinish Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are another home renovation project that typically add about as much value as they subtract. According to the National Association of Realtors, refinishing hardwood floors generally recovers 100% of the cost at resale, while installing new wood floors recoups 91% of costs. Be forewarned that, at about $10,000 for 2000 square feet, new hardwoods aren’t cheap—but they do consistently provide the highest ROI out of any renovation project.

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