What are Carriage House Garage Doors, and Why Should I Want One? Ask Our Apex Garage Door Repairman

What are Carriage House Garage Doors, and Why Should I Want One? Ask Our Apex Garage Door Repairman

Before people drove cars and parked them in garages, they rode in carriages and parked them in carriage houses. The horses and carriages might be gone, but one thing still remains from this more stately era: carriage house garage doors. These beautiful garage doors are one of the most classic and aesthetically pleasing garage door styles around, and make an excellent addition to any home that wants a little extra character. Learn more about carriage style garage doors below.

What makes a carriage house garage door so elegant?

Original carriage garage doors were made from wood, with iron or steel hinges, and swung outwards to allow the horse and carriage to enter. They also often had intricate, barn-like woodwork, like criss-cross planking, large handles, and decorative window insets. A carriage garage door incorporates many of the same elements, with the exception that the doors they usually roll up and down rather than swinging outwards. It’s a trompe-l’oeil look designed to fool the viewer into seeing a classic, historic barn door instead of a run-of-the-mill garage.

Should I get a swing-out or roll-up carriage house door?

It is possible to commission a custom garage door that swings open on hinges, but there are some potential issues to take into consideration. Firstly, swing-out carriage doors are usually more expensive than their roll-up counterparts. Secondly, they can be difficult to open or close if snow drifts pile up in front of them, and are thus better suited to milder climates (like Apex, Cary and Raleigh!) They are also very slow to open compared to roll-up garage doors, and require extra space to swing outwards. Finally, some people say that swing-out doors risk higher damage to cars, as it’s easier to try to enter the garage while the doors have not yet fully opened. With all that said, swing-out doors are an elegant, classic choice for a historic or vintage-style home.

Should I get a wood, steel, vinyl, or aluminum garage door?

Every garage door material has advantages and disadvantages. Wooden garage doors are very beautiful, but also very expensive and difficult to maintain. Steel garage doors are also very expensive, but are able to resist damage from vehicles, bikes, and weather. Aluminum and vinyl garage doors are less sturdy, but offer a good amount of durability at a more affordable price point. If you are unsure which garage door option you should choose, just give us a call, and our garage door installers will be happy to help you out.

Get a garage door installation in Cary, Apex, or Raleigh NC

Installing a garage door is difficult, risky process that requires great care and precision. We highly advise against taking on a garage door installation by yourself, as an improper installation, or subsequent garage door failure, can cause serious injury. If you need a new garage door in Cary, Apex, or Raleigh NC, leave it to the professionals by calling All American Overhead today!

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