Garage Door Installation Safety Tips from Our Knightdale Garage Door Company

Garage Door Installation Safety Tips from Our Knightdale Garage Door Company

As we have discussed in previous blogs, garage door installation can be very dangerous to those who do not know what they are doing. The garage door itself can weigh up to 400 lbs, and the high-pressure torsion springs can cause serious injuries or property damage if not adjusted correctly. For this reason, we highly recommend having a professional garage door company complete all installations. However, if you have some mechanical experience, and you’d like to give it a go, here are some key tips that can make the job safer.

Set Up First Aid Nearby 

Like the boy scout motto, Be Prepared. Make sure that if the worst case scenario were to happen, someone is nearby who could drive you to the hospital; there is a charged phone that could call an ambulance; and there is a first aid kit that can wrap up any injuries. If you can, don’t work alone—make sure someone is in the next room who knows what you are up to.

Assume You Could Be Locked Inside

One common mistake people make when attempting to install their garage doors is forgetting that, should they fail to fix the door, they will be trapped inside the garage. If you have another door access to your garage, you don’t have to worry about this. But if you don’t, be sure to have all your tools inside before closing the door, as well as a charged phone which you can use to call for help.

Use Quality Garage Door Components

Make sure that your hinges, ball-bearing rollers, springs, and tracks are brand-new and sturdy. Remember that if these parts fail, a 400-lb door could fall on your vehicle, or worse, a person. This is not the time to be a penny pincher—use the best, most high-quality materials on the market.

Handle Torsion Springs With Caution

Before attempting a garage door installation or replacement, you must release the tension on the previous garage door springs. This is the most dangerous part of the installation process, because it can only be done when the door is down, when the springs are under the most pressure. If you loosen a spring improperly, it will release all its stored energy in a fraction of a second, rapidly flinging your tools into the air and causing them to hit you, your property, or a bystander. Therefore, be sure to handle the torsion springs with great care and caution.

Need a Knightdale Garage Door Installation? Call All American Overhead Garage Door

Please note that these tips are designed to help experienced mechanics and engineers who need a brief refresher course—not everyday laypersons. Garage door installation is not a DIY project for those without some experience and know-how. You are far better off calling a professional garage door company to minimize your risk and do the job correctly. If you need a Raleigh, Apex, Cary, or Knightdale garage door installation, give us a call.

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