Alert: Thieves Using Garage Door Openers to Enter Houses in Apex

Alert: Thieves Using Garage Door Openers to Enter Houses in Apex

By locking up your car, you can also keep your house safe. That’s the message from the High Point NC Police Department, who recently alerted the public that thieves have been stealing garage door openers from unlocked cars, then using them to break into the house at a later time.

Police cautioned homeowners to always lock their vehicles, even after parking in a residential driveway. Homeowners should also remember to lock the door inside the garage that opens to the home.

Remember that, even though you are home safe, thieves can still come onto your property and take advantage of an unlocked vehicle, and then use the garage door opener to break in. As much as we love seeing you, we’d much rather it be for your regular garage door maintenance inspection, not to replace a stolen garage door opener!

What to Do if Your Garage Door Opener is Stolen

If you realize that your garage door opener is missing, the first thing you should do is engage the “Vacation Mode” panel available on most modern garage door openers. This will stop the garage door opener from working. Some models also have a “Reset Frequency” option which will also stop the garage door opener from communicating with the door.

To find out where your “Vacation Mode” and/or “Reset Frequency” options are, consult the garage door manual you may have received when you purchased your home and/or new garage door. If you have lost your manual, or never received one, call your local garage door company to learn whether your door has this feature and, if so, how to activate it. Once you’ve shut down the old opener, it will be time to purchase a new one.

Some More Home Security Safety Tips

The vast majority of thefts happen when vehicles and homes are left unlocked, so by simply locking everything up after yourself, you can significantly reduce your likelihood of being robbed. You should also make sure to put your garage door opener in the glove box or some other hidden location, and not on your visor.

Finally, if you’re really worried about theft, you could purchase a manual lock for the garage. Although it can be irritating to have to exit the vehicle and physically unlock the door every time you come home, some people prefer the added peace of mind it provides.

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