Part 2: How to Install a New Garage Door in Raleigh

Part 2: How to Install a New Garage Door in Raleigh

This article is the second half of our garage door installation tutorial. To view Part 1, click here. If you need more garage door installation help, give us a call, and our professional garage door installers will be happy to assist you.

Install the Track

Secure each hinge to the panel above it. Make sure that the hinges face towards the inside of the garage. Then, place the wheeled axles into the side hinges and the top and bottom axle supports. Install the track brackets, following your instruction manual. Next, install the track by attaching brackets to the vertical track pieces. After attaching the brackets, place them against the wall, and make sure the wheels lie properly in the track. Finally, attach the door cable to the hook on the bottom panel axle, and then before attaching the bottom bracket to the wall.

Attach the Spring Assembly

Assemble and attach the spring assembly to the track, and then attach the track to the same ceiling supports that the previous garage door used. Bolt the horizontal and the vertical tracks together. Make sure to verify that they line up smoothly and that the door fits properly before tightening the bolts. In addition, be sure to use the correct sized bolt, as a too-big bolt will obstruct the track.

Install the Springs, Torsion Rod and Pulleys

Attach the spring anchors to the springs, then attach the spring locking cone securely. Bolt the two springs securely to the main header bracket. Slide the torsion rod into the holes in the side header brackets, make sure the rod is secure, then attach the pulleys to each end of the rod. Lastly, secure the center header bracket to the center mark on the header.

Attach the Cable

Bring the cable up from below, and attach it to the pulley wheel on both sides. Turn the wheel so the slack is pulled tight over the pulley from the door side. Slide the wheel to the header bracket, and tighten it securely.Tighten a pair of locking pliers to the rod on the outside of the bracket. This will prevent the rod from turning when you begin to tighten the springs.

Tighten the Springs

Use the steel rods to tighten the spring by reversing the loosening method you used on the old door. Check your owner’s manual to determine how many turns are required to tighten the spring. When you reach the appropriate tension, tighten the bolts in the anchor to lock it in place, and remove the pliers from the torsion rod.

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