How to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer by Insulating your Apex NC Garage Door

How to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer by Insulating your Apex NC Garage Door

You probably already know that an insulated garage door can keep your home from leaching heat—but did you know that it can also keep your AC from escaping, too? Here’s how to insulate your garage door so that your energy bill stays low this summer.

Types of garage door insulation 

If you don’t own a pre-insulated garage door, your first step will be matching your garage door to an appropriate insulation. The most popular types of garage door insulation materials include:

  • Batt insulation – This is the pink, “cotton candy” insulation commonly found stuffed into exterior walls. It usually made of fiberglass and backed with paper or foil, which act as vapor and air barriers.
  • Foam board insulation – These rigid panels, typically made from polystyrene and faced with aluminum or vinyl, provide a high insulating value for relatively little thickness. Panels most often range from 1/2 inch thick (R-3.3) to 1 inch (R-6.5).
  • Reflective insulation – This type of insulation reflects radiant heat, making it a good insulation choice for garages that heat up in summer or hot climates. It is generally made up of rigid cardboard or polyethylene, with aluminum foil applied to one or both sides.

Which type of insulation is best for my garage door?   

Steel garage doors: Steel doors can accommodate any type of insulation. If you’d like to use batt insulation, stuff it in the frames around the panels, with the fiberglass side touching the door. You can also squeeze cut-to-fit foam board insulation into the frames.

Wooden garage doors: Foam board is generally the best option for wooden garage doors. Simply cut and fit rigid insulation into the recesses between the door frames. For extra climate control, install two layers of foam board.

Flat garage doors: The best fit for garage doors without panels is generally either foam board or reflective insulation. Simply glue or tape the insulation to the garage door.

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Adding insulation to a garage door usually adds extra weight, which can strain their opening mechanism and impact the spring tension. To keep the garage door functioning effectively, the torsion springs will have to be tightened – a job best left to a garage door professional. If you need a garage door repair or garage door maintenance company in Apex, Cary, or Raleigh NC, contact All American Overhead Garage Door today!

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