How to Find a Quality Garage Door Repair Company in Cary NC

How to Find a Quality Garage Door Repair Company in Cary NC

Hiring the wrong garage door repair technician can be costly and very dangerous. Here’s what to look for when hiring a garage door repair contractor near you.

Physical Address

Any reputable garage door repair company will have a physical address listed online. You can verify this address using Google Maps and Google Street View. Bogus companies will often list fake addresses, like gas stations, apartment buildings, and restaurants, in order to avoid being tracked down. Lack of an address is a clue that the contractor doesn’t want to be easily accessible.   

Testimonials and Referrals

The best way to find a trustworthy garage door repair company is by asking friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors for a recommendation. Chances are fairly high that you know someone who’s had work done in the past, and a positive referral can help you in your search.

The great thing about asking people for referrals is that they have no skin in the game. They’re likely to be up front and honest with you because, firstly, they don’t want to damage their relationship with you by pointing you in a bad direction; and secondly, because they have nothing to gain by sending you to a certain company. If a garage door contractor refuses to give you any referral phone numbers, politely thank him or her and move on to the next option.

Solid Online Reputation

You probably don’t need us to tell you to check the web for positive reviews and testimonials that can give you a good idea of whether a company is genuine and reliable. A professional garage door company should have a website, and should proudly display examples of their work. Some companies have a stronger web presence than others, but a business with no online footprint at all can be a red flag.

Miscellaneous Red Flags

Some common red flags of unlicensed or unprofessional companies include:

  • Excessive advertising. All repair and installation companies advertise their services to an extent, but excessive advertising may be a cause for concern. When massive amounts of advertising are in play, it may mean the company has to recoup its ad expenses by charging high prices.
  • Multiple company names. If a company uses different names on advertisements, websites, and customer service phone lines, it’s a good indication that they’re evading someone or something. You want to see consistency in this area.
  • Weird feeling. If you get a weird or uneasy feeling when calling or meeting with a repairman, trust your intuition. An honest garage door repair company should make you feel at ease.

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