Learn the Benefits of Double Layer Steel Garage Doors from Our Cary Garage Door Company

Learn the Benefits of Double Layer Steel Garage Doors from Our Cary Garage Door Company

If you are shopping for a new steel garage door in Cary NC, you may be wondering which garage door thickness you should choose. While we typically recommend a triple layer garage door for maximum energy saving, durability, and soundproofing, a double layer door can often provide almost as much of the benefit for less of the cost. Below are some reasons why you should consider purchasing a double layer garage door.


Double layer garage doors have an extra layer of insulation which makes them thicker, stronger, and less prone to dents and damage. If your garage door sees lots of usage—and most garages do—minor accidents can and most likely will happen from time to time, involving flying baseballs and basketballs, colliding bicycles, and bumps from cars. The additional strength of the double layer lessens the likelihood of bend, folds, and cracks along the panels, meaning you will have to spend less on garage door repairs over time.


Double layer garage doors also provide more insulation than a single layer garage door, which in turn provides better energy efficiency. Better insulation prevents air from passing in and out of the garage, forcing you to crank up the heat or air conditioning in order to heat or cool your home. If the garage is separate from the rest of your house, it is still beneficial to have more insulation, because otherwise you run the risk of making your vehicles and expensive property too hot or cold. Plus, there is nothing worse than getting into a sweltering hot car in July, or freezing cold one in February!

Low Maintenance

Due to their extra durability, double layer garage doors are less likely to require maintenance over the years. The paint is less likely to chip, dent, or wear off along the outer surface, and they are generally rust-proof due to a zinc surface coating. Of course, it is never wise to totally skip garage door maintenance, as the torsion springs will wear out over time and cause safety issues. However, the door as a whole will hold up much better over the years than a single layer garage door.

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