Steel Garage Doors: Which Layer Option Is Best? Ask Our Apex Garage Door Installers

Steel Garage Doors: Which Layer Option Is Best? Ask Our Apex Garage Door Installers

If you’re considering material options for your new home garage door, a steel garage door is a great option. Steel garage doors are tough, durable, and require very little maintenance; they’re also highly customizable, available in a wide variety of sizes, finishes, styles, and configurations. When it comes to strength, steel garage doors have three levels: single layer, double layer, and triple layer. Read on to determine which layer option is best for you.

Steel Garage Doors: Composition and R-Value

Steel garage doors are made from real–gauge steel and then hot–dip galvanized in zinc to prevent rusting. This is generally followed by a primer coat, which adds additional surface strength, and then finished with topcoat paint, which adds strong, lasting color. Steel garage door surfaces generally require very few touch-ups. Generally, the thicker the door, the better it will insulate its enclosure, and the more energy efficient it will be. However, additional layers will also increase your garage door cost, so bear that in mind while making your selection.

Single Layer Garage Doors

Sometimes referred to as “pan garage doors”, non-insulated, single-layer garage doors can be purchased in three thickness gauges, 24, 25, and 26. The lower the number, the thicker the metal. Although single layer garage doors are the thinnest layer option overall, they are still quote solid and durable; however, they are easily dented when hit, and are generally ill–suited for wide garage door openings.

Double Layer Garage Doors

A double layer garage door usually consists of one layer of steel, backed with polystyrene thermal insulation and vinyl holding the polystyrene in place. Quieter and more durable than pan doors, double–layer garage doors are a low–maintenance, energy-efficient, and environmentally sound option. They are an adequate choice for anyone looking for a simple, reliable garage door that can firmly seal a garage without buckling under harsh natural conditions.

Triple Layer Garage Doors 

Most garage door contractors will tell you that a triple-layer garage door is the best garage door option for most applications. Sometimes referred to as the “sandwich garage door,” the steel triple layer is comprised of a steel front, thermal middle, and steel back. The heavy-duty material on both the outside and inside makes this option exceptionally strong and energy efficient. It is also the most soundproof option, making for a much quieter entrance and exit.

So, Which Garage Door Thickness Should I Choose?

This will depend largely on your budget and what you would like to allocate to your safety, energy efficiency, and comfort. The cheapest garage doors are usually 1/8th of an inch thick, and the most expensive tend to be around 2 inches thick. Whatever you end up choosing, we typically recommend avoiding 1/8 inch thicknesses, as these doors are easily dented by vehicles and children’s bicycles. The amount you save in buying a cheap single-layer garage door might not be worth the extra cost of garage door maintenance and garage door repair you will likely have to invest in over the coming years.

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