Turn Heads with a Full-View Aluminum Garage Door in Cary

Turn Heads with a Full-View Aluminum Garage Door in Cary

In our last post, we discussed a variety of garage door materials that will make your home look presentable and well-kept. But there’s one type of garage door that’s more beautiful than all the rest, which is why we are devoting today’s post to it and it alone. Read on to learn why a full-view aluminum garage door is an incredible choice to light up your home.

Get A Look That’s Truly Unique

A full-view aluminum garage door is comprised of an aluminum frame and multiple glass panels. The resulting is a luminous, modern look that is unlike any other. If your home is contemporary, artistic, luxurious, or all of the above, a full-view aluminum garage door will complement it perfectly and add a high visual appeal.

Up Your Asking Price

A garage may seem like an unimportant, throwaway part of your home. But remember that a typical garage takes up one-third of the home’s front exterior. That’s a lot of curb appeal to either leverage or miss out on. Full-view aluminum doors can elevate your home from the ones around them. Most people won’t recognize the garage door as the differing feature at first glance, but they will know something is decidedly more high-end.    

Enjoy Natural Lighting in the Garage

If you spend a lot of time working in the garage, or if you use your garage as a workout or woodworking area, you might enjoy the natural light coming through the windows, even when the door is open. If you don’t like the transparency due to privacy or security concerns, you can choose frosted, tinted, or mirrored glass to block out prying eyes.  

Invest in a Lightweight, Long-Lasting Option

Of course, a garage door made mostly of glass will require a little more care than a wood, steel, or vinyl alternative. However, these doors are also very lightweight, which puts less strain on the torsion springs and helps them last longer. In addition, the aluminum frames require very little maintenance, meaning less garage door repair overall. 

Need a Custom Garage Door? Call our Cary Garage Door Installation Company

We’ll admit that full-view aluminum garage doors aren’t for everyone. They are more expensive, more fragile, and riskier than other, more durable options. However, if beauty and style is your primary goal, a full aluminum garage door can’t be beat. If you’d like to learn more, call our Cary garage door installation company for a free estimate.

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