Choosing the Best Color for Your New Raleigh Garage Door

Choosing the Best Color for Your New Raleigh Garage Door

In our previous post, we discussed some key tips to follow when it comes to selecting the color for your new garage door. Among them was the suggestion to choose a shade that complements your house’s color. Below are tips for color complementing a white, gray or brick house.

Best Garage Door Colors for a White House

If your house’s primary color is white, the world is pretty much your oyster when it comes to choosing a garage door color. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Black: Black doors are sophisticated, contemporary, and modern. Black garage doors will really pop against a white house.
  • White: White is a good option if you’d like your house to blend in the rest of the house—an especially good choice if the doors are older or in an old-fashioned style.
  • Red: Red on white is a bold, but classic look that will add a pop of color to your exterior. Just make sure your garage doors are in tip-top shape, because they’ll be getting a lot of attention!
  • Wood Stain: Remember that a garage door doesn’t have to be painted. Dark stained wood also looks great with a white exterior.

Best Garage Door Colors for a Brick House

  • Since brick isn’t as neutral as white, choosing a garage door color for a brick house can be a bit more challenging. Here are a few ideas to get you started.
  • True neutral: Neutral colors like browns, tans, and bronze usually pair well with brick.
  • Cool colors: Smoky grays and light blues add a soothing cool contrast to a red brick house.
  • White: White and red almost always look good together—classic and timeless.

Garage Door Colors for a Grey House

Like white, grey is a neutral, giving you plenty of wiggle room and flexibility when choosing your garage door color. However, since grey is so neutral, you might want to avoid “muddy” colors, like sand, brown, and olive.

  • Black or white: Either black or white can provide a solid, strong contrast to a grey garage door.
  • Winter colors: A deep, rich color, such as navy blue or burgundy, can add a pop of color to an otherwise serious color scheme. 

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