Learn the Benefits of Triple Layer Steel Garage Doors from Our Apex Garage Door Company

Learn the Benefits of Triple Layer Steel Garage Doors from Our Apex Garage Door Company

If you are looking for a new garage door that is sturdy, durable, and energy-efficient, a triple layer garage door is your best bet. Below are some of the reasons why we highly recommend triple layer garage doors for our customers.


Out of all three garage door layer options, triple layer models are the strongest and the most durable. A triple layer garage door can withstand harsh weather, damage from pets and children, and even slow-moving impact from cars. A triple layer door is usually the best choice for families, as it can withstand young children on their bikes, kids who like to shoot hoops in the driveway, and even teenagers learning to drive. Even after years of continual use, you probably won’t have to repaint the surface, seal any gaps, or replace any panels, although the torsion springs will still need to be checked for safety reasons.


Out of all the garage door types on the market, triple layer steel doors offer the best comfort. This is because one of the layers is polyurethane or polystyrene, sandwiched in between steel and vinyl. Whereas single and double layer doors merely protect your garage from intrusion, triple layer doors block the passage of heat and cold, helping you lower your energy costs while keeping your home a comfortable temperature. This is an especially good consideration if you have a bedroom, bathroom or other living space above the garage.


A triple layer garage door will also be the best option when it comes to muffling sounds from the outside, such as traffic, construction, revving engines, noisy neighbors, lawn mowers, and leave blowers. You have probably grown used to listening to all these sounds while waking up, relaxing or eating dinner—but many of our customers comment what an incredible difference their new garage door makes, and that they didn’t even notice how much peace and quiet they were missing out on.

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