Our Local Raleigh Garage Door Installer Talks About Different Garage Door Styles

Our Local Raleigh Garage Door Installer Talks About Different Garage Door Styles

Garage doors go almost unnoticed in the scheme of a property. But that device does impact the appeal. Besides performing its function, the doors should complement the décor.

Garage doors come in varying styles to match aesthetics. You want to pick one that enhances the property. Here’s your local Raleigh garage door installer with a quick view of garage door styles.

Glass Panel Garage Doors

Translucent panels and clean lines offer a contemporary look. No one can look in, but light gets in during the day and promises backlighting after dark. You don’t sacrifice security while giving your home curb appeal.

Swing-Out Garage Doors

Inspired by genuine carriage doors, these new garage doors in Raleigh NC come in both bi-folding and sliding styles. Detailed and constructed of solid wood members, you can create a custom garage door, designing a look that rivals any artisan architecture.

Composite Garage Doors

Engineered for all forms of weather, our local Raleigh garage door installer recommends composite garage doors. Their construction resists dents or rusting. Production promises a strong finish that resists ultraviolet rays, cracking, moisture, sub-zero temps and rotting.

Vinyl Garage Doors

Vinyl garage doors are the choice if you’re in a coastal region. This is because the material doesn’t fade, rust, dent or crack. They have outstanding thermal efficiency. They also do not need the maintenance of other door materials.

Solid Wood Garage Doors

There is nothing like solid wood to bring beauty to a property. Get raised panel custom garage doors or you can install windows. Use reclaimed wood and get a rustic look. These new garage doors in Raleigh NC are usually handcrafted.

Steel Garage Doors

Get a prime, painted set of doors or a composite material. Let these steel garage doors give your property a sharp, classic carriage look. They come in many designs. The best are engineered with galvanized steel in two layers.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

New garage doors in Raleigh NC designed from fiberglass are impact resistant. They have a strong interior skin and come in a nice range of designer colors and wood tones. Get the look of wood without the possibility of wood damage that comes with age.

From having good springs and insulation to choosing a door design, our technicians have the experience and skill for making the best choice within your budget. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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