The Best Ways to Heat a Garage in Winter, According to Our Apex Garage Door Contractor

The Best Ways to Heat a Garage in Winter, According to Our Apex Garage Door Contractor

For so many of us, the garage isn’t just a place to store a car—it’s also where we take our messiest, noisiest jobs so as not to mess up the rest of the house (and irritate the rest of the household.) Whether you use your garage as a workshop, or simply want those dreaded cold steps to the car to be more comfortable, here are some top ways to heat your garage when the temperatures start to dip, according to our Apex NC garage door repairman. 

Install Garage Door Insulation 

For the best garage door insulation, you’ll want to either weatherproof your garage door, or purchase an insulated garage door. There are many ways to weatherproof a garage door, and techniques will vary according to what you have, but the most common method is adding fiberglass batt insulation and covering it with panels of drywall or plywood. A pre-insulated garage door has already essentially done this process for you, so all you need to do is call your local garage door company to install it. Additionally, remember to inspect the entire garage for cracks and gaps, and seal them to prevent drafts from coming in. 

Purchase a Garage Heating Unit 
There are a wide range of heating unit options for garages. Depending on your preference and budget, you might purchase a convection heater, space heater, or full-sized garage heater, which is permanently installed near the ceiling. The key here is to buy a unit that’s appropriately sized for your garage space, so you’re not putting out too much heat, and you’re not forcing the machine to work too hard. We generally recommend full-sized heaters, as small space heaters draw a lot of power and are costly over the long term. 

Install a Heated Garage Floor

One of the biggest causes of a cold garage is the concrete floor. While this substance is great when you’re cleaning up oily car messes, it’s terrible at holding heat. One solution, albeit costly, is to rip up the concrete and replace it with a heated floor. Unfortunately, installing the heated garage floor is a delicate project which most often requires hiring a professional garage door installation company. Your other option is to place a heating mat on top of the concrete, but this might not be possible if your projects tend to be very messy.  

Need Garage Door Repair Services in Apex? 

With the chill of winter upon us, you might be looking for help insulating, heating, or reinforcing your garage door. If you need garage door repair or replacement in Apex, stop by All American Overhead Garage Door. Our friendly repair technicians are ready to help you and your vehicles weather the winter! To schedule an appointment for a free estimate, click here

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